A Priceless Experience

In celebrating our 20 years working with Mastercard, we look back on a few things we’ve learned along the way.

Sometimes, in rare cases, you can liken a long-time client relationship to a marriage. You have ups and downs. You grow and learn together. You celebrate milestones. And after twenty years you stop and think. How did we get here? As we look back, here’s what we’ve come to realize.

It takes dedication. 

To always do your best, to look beyond the scope and to always try harder. To think outside of the box, and the circle. To come up fresh creative work that pushes the boundaries of the brand.

It takes stamina.

To continually rise to the challenges as relationships grow, so we evolve, as our client evolves, adapting to new technology, ideas and people.

It takes talent.

Of course, the talent to define the strategy, write the words, create the images. But more importantly, the talent to listen and identify the essence of a problem—and then solve it.

It takes love.

For a job well done, to care about the details—a ligature here, a shorter headline there—to care deeply for the work, and the people you work with.

It takes luck. 

We certainly control the variables as well as we can. But every endeavor worth doing comes with some risk and requires a bit of luck to succeed. Luck is something we have in abundance; and to count Mastercard as a partner of two decades—no tiene precio.