When we say we look out for each other, we bring that everywhere we go.

We like each other. We like our partners. We’re pretty sure we’ll like you.

Victor Rivera


Victor values relationships above all else. As one of the founding partners at Agenda, he is a dedicated client advocate. With a background as a creative director, he is an adept creative thinker whose calm and trustworthy demeanor helps our teams flourish.

Victor Rivera, Partner

Dan Koh


Whenever Dan devotes himself to something, he’s all in. As a calm and unflappable leader, Dan inspires others through his actions. He values authenticity and honesty in partners, clients and his colleagues.

Dan Koh, Partner

Emily Simmons


Emily’s a skilled juggler—managing internal teams, client relationships and her own life with ease and grace. She’s super smart, down to earth and crazy fashionable. Her keen attention to detail is reflected in her work and her awesome accessory selection.

Emily Simmons, Account

Vincent Roffers

Head of Strategy

Vincent is driven by his passion for connecting rigor and creativity to build extraordinary brands that bring people together and propel businesses forward. Finding that secret sauce at the heart of every brand is what gets him out of bed every morning.

Vincent Roffers, Head of Strategy

Nick Ott


Nick’s past life as a private investigator means he has an eye for detail…and he can probably find out all about you online. As a content creator for Agenda, Nick puts these skills to work crafting engaging blog posts, whitepapers, and more.

Nick Ott, Content

Chris Lee

Design & Video

Chris is a skilled storyteller whose tenure at Agenda has involved roles as a dedicated designer and a video editor. No matter the medium, Chris’s ability to string together a story in his head is part of why clients adore him—along with his quirky and easy-going personality.

Chris Lee, Design & Video

John Kester

User Experience & Technology

John’s technical prowess and wry sense of humor make him a perfect complement to the Agenda team. As a UX designer, he solves technical challenges with a thoughtful approach to modern practices. His listening skills are superhuman, and he applies this talent to his work, advocating for the client and anticipating pain points for users.

John Kester, User Experience & Technology

Elissa Rosario


Elissa’s title should be professional cat herder—she’s the one who keeps things running smoothly at Agenda. On the weekends she coaches tennis, and she carries that patience and friendliness with her at work, even when she has to listen to us complain about snacks.

Elissa Rosario, Operations

David Marte


David’s personal style comes through effortlessly in his work as a designer. His authentic warmth and energy balances his dedication to projects, where he works tirelessly, helping across teams to get things done. If you could personify a rainbow and have it smile at you every day—that’s David Marte.

David Marte, Design

Devon Zanca

Account & User Experience

Devon’s specialty is managing digital projects of all sizes and complexities using language that even non-geeks can understand. If you work with Devon, you know she’s pleasant and calm, always thoughtfully considering the user.

Devon Zanca, Account & User Experience

We see ourselves as one big family—one of those families that finishes each other’s thoughts.