Extra-Large Iced Coffee and Three Websites To-Go

Agenda establishes client trust with UX and content workshops

Shows like Storage Wars are captivating for a reason. The winner of the bid never knows exactly what will appear hiding in the back of a mysterious locker.

It could be a set of four bald tires. It could be treasure like a vintage Mercedes Benz. You only get an idea when the locker is opened. But even then, there is a lot of clutter that could simply be just clutter—or there could be an exciting find tucked in there somewhere. It can go either way. We had a similar experience not too long ago in Fort Lauderdale when we were going to meet with a new client.

It all began when Universal Insurance, based in Florida, called us directly citing a very specific need: they knew they needed three websites redesigned and launched yesterday. We immediately looked at their web properties to get a sense of who they were.

We quickly found out Universal is a major player in the world of Florida property insurance, one characterized by devastating hurricanes, biblical floods and myriad other complexities. Universal was a solid firm with a great product, a spirit of innovation, a reputation for excellent customer service and a rising share value. They were also entering new markets.

It became clear their outward expression was not living up to their true value, which they had suspected. We immediately saw exciting opportunities to build something worthy of Universal’s reality and aspirations, and we were ready to get moving and bring their online dreams to life.

One thing

During the discovery phase, we found the brand assets needed some attention. Certainly, we could have jumped in and given the sites a nice design treatment and called it a day. But that wouldn’t have been right. To do the new web properties and the brand justice and prepare them for the future, Universal needed a unified strategy, a distinct look and feel for each of their web properties and a fresh voice, all supported by real user insights. We had to go down there and workshop it on site—and quickly.

Cut to Fort Lauderdale

Bearing eight 24-ounce cups of iced coffee from the Dunkin’ Donuts next door, we began a series of workshops to identify the most critical audience segments, the unique customer journeys and the right tone and voice for communicating with a diverse clientele—all over a two-week period. This intensive way of working was essential to uncover the essence of Universal and give us the tools we needed to move on designing quickly and building the three sites in a way that would uncover the treasure hidden within Universal itself.