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Boeing needed a way to get their educational content in front of STEM kids, parents and educators. We helped them get there.

Boeing had created a wealth of educational resources designed to engage with and encourage kids interested in the technical fields. However, the brand was having a tough time getting these valuable assets in front of their target audience.

Coincidentally, the company was celebrating 100 years in business, which led into the back-to-school season.

Capitalizing on the moment, we devised a strategy that would repackage and relaunch their content in a campaign called 100 Days of Learning.

By campaign conclusion, 100 Days of Learning had over 149,000 page views and earned media coverage in multiple publications including Fortune, Engadget and Tech Insider Science.

Working with partners like PBS and Curiosity Machine, we executed the campaign across paid, earned and owned media and implemented a detailed, calendarized social media plan.