Because Luck
Runs Out


What we did

  • Content marketing /
  • Design & creative development /
  • Positioning & identity /
  • User experience design /
  • Websites & intranets /

A property insurer needed a content site that would both engage and educate to drive new purchases.

Our new client wanted to build an enhanced content site to educate people about the benefits of insurance.

To get there, we needed to establish a brand that would stand out in the market, so we created a differentiated positioning that included a new logo and brand name.

We also developed a user-centered site experience and content strategy that would serve the unique needs of insurance shoppers.

The new site is seamless, whether in mobile or desktop, and the content is enabled to be personalized for each user.

Now Clovered is publishing a wealth of content every day to educate users on insurance so they can make informed purchase decisions.