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Is there room in the American market for a premium air purifier from an unknown brand? Yes.

Coway, a wellness leader in Korea, approached Agenda to develop and launch a new air purification brand and product, the Coway Airmega.

Air purification is very much an emerging market in the U.S., and with Coway Airmega’s premium price point, it posed a unique challenge.

Based on key insights gathered from our target demographic—health-conscious urbanites who are also early tech adopters—we developed their brand positioning.

It captured the essence of the lifestyle and peace of mind Coway Airmega consumers can experience: Breathe Deeper.

Breathe Deeper, supported by our communication strategy, and based on the premise of education, informed everything that followed:

Branding, communications, content, design and art direction, marketing campaigns, messaging, PR, research and insights, SEO, social media, user experience and web development.