La Prairie

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What we did

  • Campaigns /
  • Content marketing /
  • Design & creative development /
  • Social media /
  • Video & animation

How one luxury skincare brand diversified from the spa to the screen.

Established beauty brand La Prairie had a deep history and could command an ultra-high price point.

However, it was looking to grow its customer base by expanding into a younger, yet still affluent, demographic.

Doing so would require a new e-commerce strategy to adapt its luxury positioning, without alienating existing customers.

We knew we’d need to create a digital experience designed to reach a younger audience where they “lived,” and still embrace the brand values.

Looking at the brand with fresh eyes, we created a content strategy directed at multiple consumer touchpoints.

With a strategy in place and the customer journey mapped, we introduced their new product line, the first of many. An array of digital tools made the strategy successful, including landing page, video, social media, e-mail and digital advertising.