How do you
spell tomorrow?


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An agile and smart reinsurer needed a reintroduction to the world that suited their growing reputation.

Tokio Millennium Re (TMR) was seeking to differentiate itself in the marketplace ahead of a key industry event. But, as indicated in preliminary research, the brand needed a refresh to align with the company’s evolution and its strategy and vision for the future.

Based on the forward-looking nature of the group and their inherent playfulness, and with a wink to digital shorthand, we created a campaign that embraced their refreshed identity and naming:

How do you spell tomorrow? TMR.

The idea captured the essence of the company, which had quickly built a reputation based on several attributes, all united by their ability to look toward the future.

Coinciding with the campaign, we created a comprehensive messaging and visual branding system, including a modified logo and consistent naming convention for the company.

The campaign proved to be highly adaptable across branded assets including website, digital display advertising, print advertising and brochure.